Why zorbas2?

A nick name. Just a nick name!

No, actually there is maybe more behind it.
The travel agency was always called 'Zorbas' - since it's first days. In these first days there was no internet. Only telephone, facsimile and letters - but that's another story...
One day Mr. Gates conquered the agency with the following arms: A 486 PC with Windows 3.1 and a dial-up modem. It took not very long and I had the virus.
However - an own website was just a matter of time and I created our very first one in 1999. Before this I had to subscribe to my first provider:
When I was asked what user name I would like, I first thought 'zorbas' (which was available) would be a nice idea. But after I realised that this user name will also be my email address, I found zorbas@hellasnet.gr for me would be very pretentious and registered 'zorbas2'.
With this alias I am quite happy since.

Interested followers may have a look at the fabulous internet archive - the "way back machine".